Our services

1. Setting up / organizing the accounting system
• Optimizing the workflow for efficient administrative handling and information that is readily available and reliable
• Standard invoicing scheme and various work programs available
• For smaller accounting systems, we provide a free Excel spreadsheet
• Know how about various accounting software programs

2. Accounting
• On site, at B&O and/or on the internet
• permanently or temporarily, for instance because of pregnancy leave
• Additional possibility of preparing payments for relations

3. Reporting
• Based on external guidelines (annual accounting law, tax law) or without a prescribed form (management reports)
• Flexible model for client-specific management reports, independent of any accounting software program

4. Advise and counselling on the execution
• Expertise in the fields of finances, investments, takeovers, restructuring and other matters that are connected with financial accounting and entrepreneurship
• We aim to give the best possible advice on business economics and taxes