What we do

B&O for entrepreneurs

Brouwer & Oudhof works for clients in all sizes: from one-man businesses to companies with 150 employees. No matter what the differences, our methods are clear. Brouwer & Oudhof pays attention to four crucial phases:

  • The organization of your accounting system
  • Data processing in the accounting system
  • Generating reports from the system (interim figures, annual accounts, filing tax returns for income tax, corporation tax and VAT, management reports)
  • Advising on the basis of the reports available on financial, accounting and tax matters, and counselling on the execution of the advice.

The organization and reporting methods are closely connected. It is essential to consider in advance which information will have to be distilled from the numbers available. This will vary from one enterprise to another. Good management reports often result in better advice!

It goes without saying that computerization is indispensable in our business. We stay abreast of the latest developments and zero in on their use to our clients.