Not just calculators

Our work

Even though our work is about numbers and money, it does not stop there. Money and emotions are closely connected. The joy and satisfaction over great annual figures. The worries when times are rough. So much lies hidden behind the perhaps not so groovy notion of ‘financial accounting’, as you will find out soon enough at Brouwer & Oudhof.

Brouwer & Oudhof has five branches: in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport, Haarlem and Utrecht. In all, some 50 colleagues work here. Our clients range from one-man businesses to companies with up to 150 employees. The complexity of their accounts is very different. As is their need for advice. Some clients require guidance on their accounts, while others have tax issues.
It goes without saying that the basis of our business is organizing and setting up accounting systems. Reports are produced and have to be shared with the clients. In all, Brouwer & Oudhof has countless opportunities to grow on the job.