Being good & becoming better

Personnel policy

Most of our colleagues at Brouwer & Oudhof have a higher professional education (HBO) degree, usually in business and commercial services (HEAO). It is a fine education, but you will need more to grasp our specialist business. Most employees start out as an assistant accounting consultant. Their HEAO education has to be supplemented. They have to experience going to work, for a start. Grasping the basic duties. Setting up accounting systems, starting small and growing into building more complex systems.

In order to gain this type of specialist knowledge, Brouwer & Oudhof offers all kinds of internal and external training facilities, such as five-day courses from the NOAB, the Netherlands Association of Tax and Accounting Firms.
The next step is becoming an accounting consultant. They independently draw up annual accounts, for ever more complex accounting systems and businesses.

The next function is that of account manager. This function requires new and different capacities, such as giving quotes, advising clients and supervising the planning. This phase is more commercial and management-oriented.
In all, Brouwer & Oudhof provides every opportunity to become an all-round financial expert.