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Here you can test your insight. Below you will find three start-up businesses, each with their own entrepreneurial situation. Are you able to link the advice to the corresponding entrepreneur?
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Our advice

First of all, to map out the need for funding. Brouwer & Oudhof offers computer models to facilitate the process. As for the solution: in addition to a mortgage loan, sale and leaseback of immovable property may be an interesting option.

Our advice

It makes sense to use Exact Online. It allows the client to take care of the outgoing invoices, which are booked directly into the system, and the accounting consultant can take care of the other entries. The advantage is clear: handling part of the accounting yourself, in accordance with your wishes. Brouwer & Oudhof can put its template of the accounting system with all the right links at your disposal.

Our advice

It works well to turn your plans for the future into a model, in order to be able to anticipate developments and take the right decisions with regard to funding and return on investments. Furthermore, it helps later on to check to what extent the plans have been realized and which topics may need your attention. Brouwer & Oudhof can provide specialized computer models to be of service.

Frederique Pronk


Frederique is an independent insurance agent. She owns her own office building and the insurance company has taken over collecting premiums. The result is that Frederique has liquidity problems, in spite of good results.

Patrick Hoogenveen

photo_patrick hoogenveen

Patrick has his own training & education centre. He hires and hires out trainers and coaches in various commercial fields. In the office, he is dealing with a lot of purchase and sales invoices. His office staff has room to handle the accounts themselves. At this point, the accounts are handled elsewhere entirely.

Quinty Hager


Quinty is in charge of a successful daycare centre. Her formula is very successful and has shown above-average growth within its first year and a half. She definitely has plans to expand!